This Breast Cancer Survivor Crowdfunded Rs 1.25 Cr To Support Over 25,000 Families Amid Lockdown

Anchal is a cancer survivor and founder of Meals of Happiness  – an NGO that provides free food to underprivileged across the country.

The inspiring story of Delhi-based Anchal Sharma is a reminder of how real heroes turn their extreme circumstances of adversity and pain into their biggest opportunity.

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It was just three years ago when Anchal was fighting a battle for her life against stage-3 breast cancer. And today, this inspiring soul has become the source of hope and happiness for thousands of slum dwellers and daily wage earners who are struggling to make ends meet during this grueling lockdown.

Recently, Anchal raised a staggering Rs 1.25 crore to help over 25,000 families get ration and food items. While sharing the details, Anchal shared with Outlook India:

“People and other organisations have helped me raise over 1.25 cr fund with which I have been supporting over 25000 families in Delhi, Bihar, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Andaman & Nicobar,” 

It is amazing how during her breast cancer struggle, rather than being broken, Anchal found her life purpose. While sharing the details of her struggle with Femina, Anchal shared:

“I clearly remember the day — I was celebrating my birthday with friends when I noticed a lump on the right side of my breast,”

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After the initial diagnosis, she came to know that cancer had gone past its initial stage.  Recalling the details of surgeries and radiation therapy, she further added:

“The chemotherapy sessions were daunting, but I didn’t lose hope and tried to live a normal life,” says Sharma, who’s currently on extensive medication and on the path to recovery. “I used to dress up even for my chemo sessions. Why not? It was a difficult journey, but I refused to live through it in fear.”

After defeating breast cancer in 2017, she started an NGO, “Meals of Happiness”, to offer food for slum-dwelling children.

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Battle Against Coronavirus

In order to curb COVID-19, the government enforced lockdown on March 24. Anchal couldn’t stop imagining the plight of migrant laborers and daily wage earners. It was then she planned to help the needy and vulnerable segment of our society, who were worse-hit by the lockdown. She collaborated with different parties – NGOs, welfare organizations, local leaders, MLAs, and MPs to support thousands of families across India.

In Delhi, over 10,000 families at various slum locations such as Nathupur, Saket, Govindpuri, Rajpur Khurd, Viswas Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, and Jakir Nagar are dependent on her for daily cooked food. She has donated Rs 6 lakh to support food and ration to 1,000 families in Andaman. Realizing the plight of villagers in Siwan district of Bihar, Anchal ensured the distribution of ration to over 565 families.

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Recalling more details about the initiative, Anchal further added:

“We have adopted 100 families in villages such as Bondipura, Pushwari, Markundal, Sultanpur in Kashmir. In the next two days, I will collaborate with district administration in Gopaganj in Bihar to distribute food to over 700 families.”

In the end, she concluded the interview with the most powerful words:

“I will try and ensure no one sleeps empty-stomach in my country.”

At IFORHER, we salute Anchal’s determination to help the most vulnerable segment of our society. As this CORONAWARRIOR sets a new example of humanity for generations to come, we wish her success and healthy life.