Women Holistic Empowerment Platform


IFORHER. One word. Here you’ll find a 360-degree approach to women empowerment that weaves empowerment and wellness together because we believe these pillars of well-being are interconnected.

Taking a holistic approach, we not only provide our community members with positive and motivational content but also provide resources to help them lead an empowered, healthy, and happy life.


We provide various resources –  to help our community members feel hopeful, happy, and confident about life, relationships, health, social change, and themselves. To bring focus to the women’s empowerment, we rely on 

Powerful Influencer Voices | Compelling Real Stories | Well Researched Tools & Resources | Expert Advice | Robust Community Support 


I am interested but I don’t know how to contribute?

If you are a wellness expert or a professional or a housewife or a business owner or a student, we believe you can serve great value to the community. The only thing that matters is the passion to support women; the rest would be taken care of. Generally, at IForHer, women strive to contribute in the following 3 major ways.


You can share life-changing experiences or empowering stories or wellness advice. You never know how one sentence of your life story or your wellness advice could change someone’s life.


You can be the voice of another member, who shared her story with the hope that it would reach to the woman, who needs the strength and ray of hope. You can become that ray of hope by sharing stories on Facebook or Whatsapp or Instagram.


If you feel the community stands for a strong purpose and drives value to support and inspire women, please feel free to refer us. You can recommend the community to your friends, family, or colleagues and help the tribe grow bigger.


How can I sign-up for the community?

Thanks for showing interest in joining the community. In order to initiate the process, please share the following details with us at [email protected]

Name: You can always opt for a different display name on our website

Brief Introduction: Profession, Interests, Age, Family, Photo, etc.

Contribution: Out of 3 roles mentioned, which ones interest you. Would love it if you say all 3!

We are waiting to hear from you!